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NAC chief: McGregor's performance vs. Diaz was key to getting license for Mayweather fight

According to Bob Bennett, Conor McGregor’s UFC 202 fight with Nate Diaz was a “perfect indicator of Conor’s boxing abilities”. When the boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather …read more

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VIDEO | Skip Bayless makes ‘sumo’ wrestling and 40-lb weight advantage arguments for Conor McGregor’s loss to Nate Diaz

The Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor mega-money fight is nearly two weeks away.
As the media has been covering the highly anticipated fight, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe picked their favorite …read more

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Skip Bayless: Nate Diaz outweighed Conor McGregor by 40 pounds and beat him with sumo-style wrestling

Skip to 3:20 for the insanity. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contender and part-time welterweight headliner Nate Diaz somehow broke the record for post-weigh in rehydration, tipping the scale at …read more

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Morning Report: Jose Aldo comments on the Conor McGregor-Paulie Malignaggi split: Conor has no respect, is bad for the sport

Prior to last year and Nate Diaz’s short-notice submission victory over him, Conor McGregor’s chief rival in MMA has been Jose Aldo. He and Aldo engaged in almost a year …read more

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Nate Diaz discusses possibility of walking out with Floyd Mayweather

UFC veteran Nate Diaz has been absent from the Octagon since his UFC 202 majority decision loss to Conor McGregor, however the possibility of Diaz returning to the Octagon has …read more

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Nate Diaz on walking out Mayweather for Conor McGregor fight: ‘I don’t know, man’

Nate Diaz responds to the rumors of walking out Floyd Mayweather for the Conor McGregor fight. Last month, ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Jason Lee said he would be extending …read more

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Nick Diaz: If Conor McGregor can hit my brother Nate, he can hit Floyd Mayweather

Nick Diaz believes Conor McGregor can put up a good fight against Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26. Nate Diaz isn’t the most defensively sound fighter, but the UFC fan favorite …read more

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VIDEO | Team Mayweather to recruit Nate Diaz for Mayweather vs McGregor fight walkout

The potentially record breaking fight between undefeated boxing great Floyd Mayweather and superstar UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is set for August 26. Two of the biggest stars from combat …read more

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Nate Diaz Set to Walk Mayweather Out to McGregor Fight?

According to reports on Wednesday, Nate Diaz, the two-time opponent of Conor McGregor, may be set to walk Floyd Mayweather to the ring on Aug. 26 That is according to …read more

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Draymond Green rips “bum” Conor McGregor, gets Nate Diaz involved

Recently, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor made headlines ahead of his highly anticipated showdown with Floyd Mayweather on August 26th when footage of the champ sporting a throwback Golden State …read more

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Nate Diaz will walkout with Floyd Mayweather for Conor McGregor fight if ‘Money Team’ has its way

Nate Diaz never got the chance to slap pop star Justin Bieber, but the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight could be the one to replace him on “The Money Team” …read more

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Mayweather’s ‘Money Team’ to invite Nate Diaz to walkout for Conor McGregor fight

Mayweather’s entourage could invite Nate Diaz to walkout alongside the boxing great for the Conor McGregor fight. The MayMac media world tour might have come to its conclusion, but expect …read more

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After Mayweather, McGregor eyeing UFC fights against Khabib Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor discusses his options in the UFC after taking on Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Aug. 26. Conor McGregor might have accepted the boxing showdown against Floyd Mayweather for the …read more

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Floyd Mayweather trolls Conor McGregor at London presser: ‘Somebody get Nate Diaz on the phone’

The press tour of all press tours ended earlier today (Fri., July 14, 2017) as Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor rounded out their four-city bash in London, England (watch here). …read more

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Floyd Mayweather: Somebody get Nate Diaz on the phone!

The fourth and last stop of the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor world tour press conference landed in London, England on Friday.
The two fighters conducted their promotion for the fight …read more

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UFC rankings updated after TUF Finale and UFC 213 – Nate Diaz climbing the ranks once again

The UFC rankings have been updated following their two events from last week that went down in Las Vegas, Nevada.
On Friday, The Ultimate Fighter 25 Finale took place with former …read more

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McGregor and Dana White touch down in LA for Mayweather presser, Nate Diaz calls them 'b-tches'

Nate Diaz rips Conor McGregor and Dana White on social media, claiming that they’re both ‘b-tches’. Nate Diaz might not have competed in almost a year, but the UFC fan …read more

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Nate Diaz Roasts Conor McGregor and Dana White on the Eve of World Tour

As the rest of the world prepares to witness Floyd Mayweather face off with Conor McGregor at a press conference on Tuesday, Nate Diaz is less than impressed by the …read more

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BE’s Baddest Greatest Lightweight: #1 Frankie Edgar vs. #3 Nate Diaz

Vote now in the Bloody Elbow Baddest Tournament to determine the Greatest MMA Lightweight of All Time. Today’s match-up: #1 Frankie Edgar vs. #3 Nate Diaz. Vote now! GIlbert Melendez …read more

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Floyd Mayweather’s coach questions legitimacy of Conor McGregor sparring footage

Over a year ago, Conor McGregor brought in South African boxing champion Chris Van Heerden to help him prepare for his rematch with Nate Diaz. Conor McGregor then posted footage …read more

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UFC fighter Nate Diaz Stockon slaps Tool vocalist Maynard Keenan

Watch Nate Diaz Stockon slap Maynard Keenan from Tool. Brothers Nick and Nate Diaz have always been known for their infamous ‘Stockton slap’ amongst the hardcore MMA fan base, but …read more

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Fights We’d Like to See in Brooklyn at UFC 208

UFC 208 has a title fight and a possible main event, now that the UFC announced that Holly Holm will fight Germaine de Randamie for the first women’s featherweight championship. Here are more fights we’d love to see on this card.


Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway

Rumor has it that this fight is already in the works, and it would make a spectacular main event. Holloway has been on a tear for years, and now that he’s the interim champion, he deserves a shot at the real belt. While Aldo suffered a brutal knockout against Conor McGregor, he rebounded against Frankie Edgar at UFC 200, showing that he’s still a high-level fighter. These two both have excellent striking, so expect fireworks when they throw down.


Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson

With Conor McGregor sidelined for the time being, it makes sense to have the two top contenders in the lightweight division fight. Both have a legitimate claim as the best lightweight in the world, while having markedly different styles, and neither one is particularly fond of the other.  Nurmagomedov is a powerful grappler who takes his opponents down and sucks the life out of them with brutal ground and pound and submission attempts. At UFC 205, Nurmagomedov must have felt disrespected when he was placed on the preliminary card. It would be nice to see the #2 ranked lightweight in the world (only behind McGregor) back on the main card.  Ferguson is wild, unpredictable, and unorthodox, but there is method to his madness, and he frequently picks up highlight reel knockouts and submissions. Whether or not this fight is for an interim title, it needs to be scheduled for five rounds so the fans get their money’s worth.


Robbie Lawler vs. Nick Diaz

Tyron Woodley has been asking for a Nick Diaz fight, but it would be better to see him settle the score with Stephen Thompson first. In the meantime, a Lawler vs. Diaz fight promises spectacular violence, and gives Lawler the chance to avenge a knockout loss from over 12 years ago at UFC 47. Both fighters love to strike and have no problem mixing it up. With Lawler and Diaz both coming off a loss (multiple losses in Diaz’ case, although that never seems to stop him from getting big fights), this fight could position one of them as a contender in the welterweight division.


Michael Bisping vs. Georges St. Pierre

Bisping wants to fight early in 2017. St. Pierre has wanted to fight for a while now, as long as he gets paid what he feels he’s worth. While Yoel Romero deserves a middleweight title shot, St. Pierre moves the needle much more, and this fight is full of built-in storylines. Bisping tries to take out another UFC legend. St. Pierre attempts to win a title in a second weight class, and tie the man who just broke his UFC wins record. This fight makes UFC 208 a must-see.