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Rutten: ‘My number one priority is that’ WBKFF fighters get paid

Bas Rutten defends himself against criticism from fighters after WBKFF was unable to pay fighters their contracted purses. Bas Rutten is defending himself against scrutiny from fighters like Johny Hendricks …read more

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Johny Hendricks questions Bas Rutten over WBKFF payment debacle

Former UFC welterweight champ Johny Hendricks was one of many fighters not to get paid by the now defunct bare knuckle fighting promotion WBKFF in late 2018. He’s understandably not …read more

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Johny Hendricks to Bas Rutten over WBKFF scandal: ‘Dude, why didn’t you tell us?’

Johny Hendricks is confident Bas Rutten knew something about the WBKFF scandal that left many a fighter unpaid. Johny Hendricks can’t help but wonder how much Bas Rutten knew about …read more

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Leben on WBKFF scandal: Worst case scenario is if Bas ‘knew we were never going to get paid’

Former UFC fighter Chris Leben has had a good relationship with Bas Rutten for two decades, but he can’t see anything good about his part in the WBKFF scandal. Chris …read more

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